The Dogs of Sherburne : A Great American Dog NOvel by author Tom Mody

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How do you know what Dallas is dreaming?

Ask myself a stupid fake question, I'll give myself a stupid fake answer: I'm really a dead dog channeler and have been in otherworld contact with Dallas since December 27th 1986 when he appeared to me in a dream as black striped one cat eyed rat.

Nerf Poodles... Please tell me they didn't?

I can't just blame the brothers. I too was present as we played football with the mangey poodles Tago & Pierre- and they were the actual footballs.


Did Sugar accompany Master Mark to his safety patrol post?

Yes he did, and wore the belt as told in the story. Now, did Dallas know this and even care. Don't be silly, he's a dog, remember. Though, I do think the kids treatment of Dallas as opposed to Sugar was a fairly accurate observation. See Picture!


Did Dallas' first mating take place as described?

What do you think I am? A doggie humpin' voyer? It's all just good story.


Did the fight on the playground really happen.?

Probably a handful of times, the account written in the book is fiction!




What's the story behind the butternuts and roman candles?

The incidents of both projectiles occured a number of times. Butternuts fell a certian time of year and they could really welt. Some times the wars were planned and sometimes it just took one kid to start chuckin' and all hell broke loose. Beaner did use me and Abby for roman candle target practice on more han one occasion.

Did the dogs fight after the butternut war?

The day George went to get General to fight Dallas still makes me nervous inside. I did frantically try to get Dallas in the house but I don't actually remember how I did it. I doubt a butternut war broke out that day, but it could have. The fight between General and Laddie & Scamp did not occur and I was not witness to any of their fights though they did fight. I wrote their fight scene in that instance to set up what happened the next day.


Is what happened the next day true?

Well, lets break it down by incident.

Sherburne does have an annual art show but there was no incident of Dallas and Sugar rolling in horse shit and stinkin' up the place though Dallas rolled in shit quite often. If I knew what those dogs actually did during the art show it would probably be worse than anything I made up.

Dallas did kill the little birdies in the fallen nest in front of some little girls. I witnessed that trauma but I don't know the real timeline it occured.

I also witnessed the fight in the park between Dalls and Laddie & Scamp. That was a nasty one though it did not occur after the bird mauling. The infections that showed up in his wounds a few days later were grotesque and his whole back was shaved and stitched.


Authors Notes:

My good friend Peter (Spazy) gave me a little tid bit about his dog Peaches who always tried to escape out the house and succeded on occasion. I'm pleased I came up with a small episode for the big dreamin' basset hound.

The dog factory goo pits were also as described though I never saw an animal get swallowed by one. I would however bet money it probably happened.

I also mentioned Dallas knocking over a ceramic cartoon piece by a local artist. Most villagers would know that this artist was Fred Buhner who drew and sculpted some very unique and memorable characters.