The Dogs of Sherburne : A Great American Dog NOvel by author Tom Mody

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Did Dallas finally get hit by a car?

I was told of a number of instances of him getting tagged but I never saw it happen and not as I wrote about.

What's with this evil deer leg?

Dallas showed up one day with this disgusting deer leg in his mouth- that's all. I don't know where he got it but I doubt it caused the kind of trouble as written in the book.


Was Scooter really a pawn in the gambling at the clam bake?

Peter (Spazy) and Carter (Rett) will redily admit to major cheating during the clam bake card game of Acey Ducey but no dogs were involved.


Did you really have that "Everest like" walk downtown among Masters and Mutts?

It would never happen, the dogs didn't get along that well.


Since Hobie is fictional one can assume his whole murder never occured?

Correct, all fiction.


Authors Notes:

Lots of personal memories in this chapter.

The village mens softball league was in it's glory back then. Games were great to hang out at. The Sherburne league no longer exists.

Dallas did seem to draw up quite a stir from the leashed dogs as he strutted down the back streets. How I envy his celebrity.

My dads infamous change drawer exists to this day. It's nice to have a place to go incase I need some pocket change.

The annual South Main Street Clam Bakes were an event of a time which sadly can never be revisited. Us kids raised alot of hell there in the evenings from throwing water balloons at cars and getting chased to the stunt I wrote about where we faked out a car into believing there was a rope in the road. And of course, Beaner's fireworks.

Of all the memories I miss, I think the original pizzeria would top the list. Walking in there with pockets of change from my dad's drawer and spending the day playing phoosball, pool and defender and generally hanging out. It's now a nice family pizzeria.




Was Master Mark really almost crushed by a falling cliff of ice?

Yes, both Mark and Carter (Rett) were fishing below the falls in the spring and when they went to unsnag a line in the water a cliff of ice fell in their spot. Of course, the whole story of then dogs being there was fiction.

Was anything about the kennel experience real?

Sure, that Dallas was in a kennel when we went on vacation. What happened between when we left him behind and picked him up is mere speculation- or bold face fiction.


Authors Notes:

I don't have much to say about this chapter other than it was a real joy to be able to write a completely fictional account of Dallas' kennel experience and make up some dogs. Joop was actually the nick-name of someone I became friends with later in highschool so he wasn't a noted person in the book so I dubed a dog after him. The reason behind his nick-name was true. Snyde is also named after a good friend of that era and still today. He didn't live in the village so was not mentioned as a human in the book. Nagle is actually a nick-name of a village friend who would have been involved in many of the stories where us boys were grouped. In-fact, his parents owned the Sherburne Inn for a time. Again I dubbed a kennel dog for him since I didn't use him as a human character.