The Dogs of Sherburne : A Great American Dog NOvel by author Tom Mody

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Meet the Dogs of Sherburne
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dog Hobiedog Generaldog Brandi
dogs Tuffy & Mitsy

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Tom Mody
Mody Company Creative
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56 West Main, Norwich NY 13815


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In Chapter 1 you claim Doggie Heaven does exist. Do You believe this?

Unequivacably NO!
I do believe in Heaven for any creature that can write a book about it.

Was Dallas Swatting a real sport?

I heard stories and was witness to a number of instances of car doors swatting the dog in chase but you couldn't earn a varsity letter for it.


What's the story with Jasmine & Ciela?

Both dogs were the family predecessors to Dallas and are real. Jasmine was a wild child, and as the book states, was run over a number of times including her demise in front of my mother and sisters. Ciela was put to sleep in 2009. My childhood belongs to Dallas but to be honest, if I had a dog I'd want it to behave like Ciela.



The worlds largest dog foor factory in Sherburne... C'mon?

The whole backstory of the Gaines Dog Food Factory is true. It was started in Sherbune and when it was bought by General Mills many decades ago it was the largest. By the 70's I'm sure it had lost that status but the factory still continues today as any visitor to the village can aromatically attest.

Was Dallas really a birthday present for Master Tom?

The whole story was true. The owner didn't want to sell him because his kids had gotten attached but my dad offered him $50. According to my mother, whenever my dad wanted something he always offered $50 which had some purchase power in 1972. I was indeed wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt and named him as such and was convinced a by Big Lew to change my allegiance to the Steelers. I'm forever thankful of this because a few years later the Steelers went on to dominate pro football the 70's. I'm still die-hard black and gold to this day


Authors Notes:

The founding of Sherburne is accurate to the account written in the book distributed at the villages 175th anniversary.

There is a segment where Dallas was very attached to my pregnant mother as a protector. I'm positive my mother has recounted this a number of times over the years but when she read the chapter she seemed fuzzy about the facts- must be senility.