The Dogs of Sherburne : A Great American Dog NOvel by author Tom Mody

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Do I dare ask about the validity of the blue blanket?

In all it's disgusting legend, the sex toy blue blanket was true. I would often terrorize my sisters with it and yes, we did set up friends to cuddle with it on sleep-overs. It was as dingy, ripped and stained as described. The account of Lew getting humped in it was an enjoyable fictional account. It was tough choice to pick Lew or Beaner for it's devirginizing but in the end, only Lew could make it real in my mind.

How was it discovered that Hobie had a type of sixth sense?

That's easy, I made it up. Not his empathic projections but the whole dog was fiction- kinda'. Go to the Meet Hobie section for the low down of Hobie.


Did Dallas & Sugar fight at the Memorial Day Parade?

Dallas & Sugar fought many times. I just placed some of these fights during village events to create a greater feel of the times and environment of Sherburne in the 70's. That specific fight did not exist to my knowledge.


Did Scooter really only have 3 legs?

Yes, he was a tripod dog. Though, the story of him being run over as a victim of a Dallas/Sugar fight for roadkill is all fiction. Truth is, Mark doesn't know how he was run over but that terrible day cost Scooter a leg. The back story about Scooter is accurate according to Mark himself


Authors Notes:

I had to make a mention of my fuzzy black and yellow Steelers colored football in the book someplace. I loved that thing and still have one.




How exaggerated was your bike?

It was quite comical now that I look back on it. Particularly back then when you think about those Brady Bunch purple banana seat bikes with a basket and safety flag waving in the back. The shocks on tha back of this thing were so big it almost seemed like a cartoon. Soon those types of bikes would be common place but mine lacked any sleek design attractiveness. It was banana yellow and bold from it's handlebars to it's bloated tires.

Was Laddie the ultimate protector?

Get the truth from Laddie's girl master, Ellen in the Meet Laddie section


Barking at rocks.. really?

Really! For most of his life that damn dog forund a rock he barked and barked and barked until you dragged him inside. If you attempted to throw the rock in the brush he'd go find it, return to it's original spot and continue barking. i use to have to throw them of the garage roof with my hands all slimmed from dog saliva and dirt.


What happened at the Bicentennial celebration?

I'm remember having a great time at all the activities and fireworks. As for the dogs, I could only guess. The story of General tracking him like a hitman is all fiction. Dallas was probably running around the village causing some commotion or he possibly was stuck in the house.


Authors Notes:

This was the first we read of Beaner's fireworks. My good friend Scott was nick-named Beaner because as a pitcher he had a propencity for hitting batters. Though, this was a highschool nick-name and not one dubbed him in his childhood. He was, however, a childhood pyromaniac and kept an arsenal of fireworks well stocked in his bedroom.