The Dogs of Sherburne : A Great American Dog NOvel by author Tom Mody

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Did Sam really have a cast that made him fall over during urination?

According to his master he did. It resulted from being hit by a car. See Photo!

Did Dallas & Laddie really run away together.?

Dallas ran away for 3 days one summer and was taken in as described. Laddie also was gone for a number of weeks and returned home with bailing twine around his neck. They didn't do it together and what happened to them is totally fiction.


Authors Notes:

This chapter is full of personal recollections woven into the story.

Starting with my sister Natalie being run over by a milklbone charging Dallas. And yes, we use to call her and trip her up for pleasure.

The incident of us boys being chased and me falling through Cappy's cellar happened as described.

Ditch on bikes was what we did for fun during the summer. It was the game of gang tag within the village borders. The story around it with Sam looking to get laid and his altercation with Dallas & Sugar was all fiction. Scott (Beaner) was prone to a number of accidents including riding into a telephone pole and one time being catapulted over a rock a good 7 to 10 feet. He use to always wear plastic baseball helmets and I believe it saved him from a painful head injury. Another game we use to play which didn't make the book was called "spotlight" which was basically hide and seek with a flashlight which we played across many yards between Rett's and Spazy's.

The description of Halloween in the village was also typical of any year. It was all out war between the village kids that often resulted in the need for ambulances. The following day the senior class would have the morning off from school to help clean up the village.




Did Sugar really jump through a window to try and mount a mate?

Though it wasn't in Mark's first written account in the Meet Sugar section, I did call him for more stories and that was one he offered along with Sugar being punished and tied to the tree.

Was there really a fight in your house?

True as described from Sugar just sitting out there waiting for Master Mark to us running out on my sister. Sugar's motivations were all fiction - I think!


Did the dogs really get stuck on a parade float?

Sorry, there's no truth to any of this. I just needed a bonding story to occur during the large annual event known as the Pageant of Bands!


Was General so viscious as to drag a cat into the cemetary?

I wasn't able to get much story about General from his owner so I just made him really evil, because to me he was. General was a bad ass dog and George use to promote him as such. How much of a killer he was I couldn't say but he's the bad guy in my story and I wanted him to be really hated on the surface. The cat incident and him going after Scooter is all good drama. His back story killing the farm chickens was also fiction but necessary for future events.