The Dogs of Sherburne : A Great American Dog NOvel by author Tom Mody

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Meet the Dogs of Sherburne
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dog Laddiedog Scampdog Sam
dog Hobiedog Generaldog Brandi
dogs Tuffy & Mitsy

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Tom Mody
Mody Company Creative
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56 West Main, Norwich NY 13815


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Master Tom 1980
Tom Mody - Sherburne 1980
Not the most flattering picture of me but it does have the Sherburne Inn entrance in the background where Hobie would be hangin' out.
Master Mark 1980
Mark Nigolian - Sherburne 1980

Master Jimmer 1979
Jim "Jimmer" Sherman - Sherburne 1979
Lew 1980
Shane Lewis - Sherburne 1980
In my bedroom with his beloved Van Halen records. On his shirt but not visible is the classic "Farrah and the beach towel iron-on."

Captain & Cappy 1975
Mike & Mark Cappadonia - Sherburne 1977
From the left, Captain, Me, Dallas and Cappy in our kitchen celebrating Dallas' birthday. Note the football jersey allegiances. Everybody had them long before NFL Properties.
Master Mother 1973
Mary Jean Mody - Sherburne 1973
Here's my mother holding Dallas at my 7th birthday party.
The day after I got him as an early present.

Beaner 1976
Scott Braun- Sherburne 1976
I probably paid Scott $20.00 for that Kiss decal a few years later when he "outgrew them". Jokes on him, it's worth alot more now.
Abby 1975
Steve Abbott & Tom Mody
Fortunately for them, dogs don't wear plaid pants. That's Abby, Dallas and Me in the big bay window. Another Steelers shirt for me.

Nagle's Namesake 1981
Bill Huffnagle - Sherburne 1981
My village friend Bill and his family owned and lived in the Sherburne Inn for part of the books time period. He would have been involved with much of the village "ditch" games and at the Clam Bake's, etc. Though I didn't character him in the book I did name the kennel dog Nagle after him.
Snyde's Namesake 1980
Pete Snyder - Sherburne 1980
The fictional kennel tough dog Snyde was named after my very good friend Pete, shown here at a Basketball team party at my house. He wasn't a villager so wasn't mentioned in human form in the book.

Village Boys 1975
Scott Braun & Kyle Lewis - Sherburne 1975
Waving, Oggy. Seated, Beaner & Big Lew. The kid sticking his head up is my friend Pete again: That's me in the black Steelers sweater: and of course, that's Dallas in the big bay window

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